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[17 Apr 2006|12:16pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

so, i was just poking around my buddy list at work checking out away messages because there's really not much else to do (Except for my ten page project due wednesday that i don't even have 1/5th of it done yet).

i read one that said: "this morning, in the bathroom: our toothbrushes were kissing"

this automatically made me think of last time rachael and kayla were at my house. when they got there they pulled out their cell phones and placed them on my headboard next to/on top of mine and it was stated that they were having a cell phone orgy. it had been a while since they got there and we were smoking and having a good time, when one of us went to reach for our cell phone we all turned and looked and they were still all on top of eachother and ALL THREE OF US turned our heads away quickly like we were intruding -or seeing something scandalous that we weren't supposed to see. afterwards we almost peed our pants at our shocked reactions. cell phone orgies?! i mean seriously. c'mon.

we're retards and thats why they are my best friends.

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[28 Nov 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

    <ul>like a cancer: hi
    like a cancer: ya
    like a cancer: ka!
    like a cancer: rah!
    like a cancer: tayyy!!
    like a cancer: CHOP
    rachael miano: grooosssie jooosi
    Auto response from like a cancer: feeling real crappy :(.
    rachael miano: wana see it now>!?
    like a cancer: my glasses are so dirty it's hard to see
    like a cancer: yes!!
    rachael miano wants to directly connect.
    rachael miano is now directly connected.
    like a cancer: hurryyyy
    like a cancer: i gota wrap presents and watch i'll be home for christmas (jtt!!!) by the fire because theres only 27 days til christmas!!1!!!#R
    like a cancer: hello.
    . . . . .
                rachael miano: shit
                rachael miano: you there
                rachael miano: lol
                rachael miano: HEY
                rachael miano direct connection is closed.
                like a cancer: hi
                like a cancer: yes i'm here
                rachael miano: YESS
                Auto response from like a cancer: feeling real crappy :(.
                like a cancer wants to directly connect.
                rachael miano's software could not interpret your request. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
                rachael miano wants to directly connect.
                rachael miano is now directly connected.
                like a cancer: send it niggua
                like a cancer: i was trying to take a picture for you
                rachael miano: i got distracted before
                like a cancer: but i just look really retarded
                like a cancer: like
                 rachael miano:
                like a cancer: down syundromeee
                like a cancer: OHH MAAAN
                rachael miano: :)</ul>
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              [28 Sep 2004|11:46pm]
              [ mood | listless ]

              hello hello


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              [10 Aug 2004|08:07am]
              [ mood | sad ]

              i think this community should get up and go.

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              i guess roses smell like pooo pooo :P [04 May 2004|09:31pm]
              [ mood | bouncy ]

              a ring is rouundd it has nooo end
              that how long i want to be your frieendd :)

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              =0) [25 Apr 2004|01:34pm]
              [ mood | busy ]

              i know you like thank your shit dont stank.....

              no one updates here!!!!


              i love you all.

              love, me.

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              white devil slave mastas up in washington [18 Mar 2004|03:14pm]
              [ mood | ecstatic ]

              dear friends,
              hello, my name is jodi.
              you all know me as jodi.
              we are fucking hott.
              and i think you should add pandas and adultswim to the list of things we like.
              because frankly,
              i really like pandas.
              and i really really like adultswim.
              especially family guy and futurama.
              so put them on there too, okay rachael?
              okay i think thats it for now.

              keep it rizzeal, peace, love, conserve water, recycle,
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